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AI / Machine Learning generated images. 2020.

Dandelion (b63n,10800-20,6,3,19,8)

These images were created by training the machine on photos I took of dandelions at the moment of their brief transition from yellow flower to white seed head. The yellow flower petals, drying-up, barely there any more. The seeds not quite fully formed, but beginning to assert themselves. All so delicate, but doing exactly what they were designed to do – disperse themselves.

Perhaps this is a metaphor for our current moment – a fragile world blowing apart, but ready with the seeds for a new future.

Read the essay about this work which accompanied the solo show “Liminal.”

Dandelion (b63o,7052,4)


These images have been further manipulated with custom code. By manipulating the machine-created images I seek to reveal that which is not visible to us, but may be apparent, perhaps even obvious, to the machine.

Dandelion (b63o,m,5583,3-20,11,16,11,29,40-c)

Dandelion (b63n,m,2647,4-20,11,12,19,6,0-c)