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Quantum Drawings

Images based on data from quantum computers. 2021 - present.

This project is an exploration of quantum computing, an effort to develop an intuition of quantum physics through aesthetics. The works are based on data generated with quantum computers – the results of examining the values of entangled quantum bits, and the noise that is generated during decoherence. I interpret and visualize this data in order to reveal the unique and unprecedented characteristics of quantum computing.

The drawings are explorations of the singular finding the multitude. Each is, at its most fundamental, a line. The line then evolves or devolves into all the all the variants that it can embody when pushed into its quantum self.

The work also alludes to NFTs, for quantum computers are expected to be able to break the cryptography which secures the blockchain.

This ongoing project is presented below from newest to oldest work.

Phase Four

Phase Two

Phase One