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Manipulated AI / Machine Learning generated images. 2023 - ongoing.

When an AI large language model (LLM) generates false information it is said to hallucinate. The same can be said for the hype generated by the tech industry about the promise and future of these systems.

These works are manipulated and distorted AI (GAN) generated images. The titles are, primarially, quotes from tech leaders.

A Very Strange Decision (b63n,700-20,6,3,19,22,40,1-m651)

Mitigating the Risk of Extinction (b63n,14000-20,5,28,17,44,6,1-m657)

People Are Begging to Be Disappointed (b67n,36,1,1-m702)

Loss of Control of Our Civilization (b10,25,1-m695)

Superficial and Sloppy (b42,4016,9,1-m698)

The Tech the World Has Always Wanted (b10,8,2-m689)