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Multiverse Maps

Images based on data from quantum computers. 2022 - present.

It is theorized that the act of looking at a quantum bit’s value causes the universe to split and duplicate.

In addition, because entangled quantum particles collapse instantaneously upon examination, irregardless of their distance, is theorized that the particles are linked by space-time wormholes.

These works explore this branching and interconnection – the explosion of new universes and their connections, all of which result from examining just a handful of quantum bits.

They are, in essence, maps of the multiverse. A single line containing universes beyond universes.

This is a continuation of Quantum Drawings, an exploration of quantum computing in an effort to develop an intuition of quantum physics through aesthetics. The works are based on data generated with quantum computers – the results of examining the values of entangled quantum bits, and the noise that is generated during decoherence. I interpret and visualize this data in order to reveal the unique and unprecedented characteristics of quantum computing.